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Ras Aushidhi,  Brings fresh green vegetables and fruit juices at your doorstep. Our juices are blend with natural herbs like Aghwgandha, Arjun ki Chal, Satawari and many more. Our juices are natural and fresh and contain no artificial essence.

Its just not a juice....its a healthy habit. 

Take your first step towards a healthier tommorow. 

Invest in your health with our premium juices.

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With Ras Aushidhi, we are not just not serving vegetable and fruit juices blend with age old jadi butis, but also our effort is to develop a healthy habit for our customers.

Experience the benefits of our healthy juices.

Enjoy our juices from the comfort of your home or office with our online subscription service.  Are you spending your hard-earned money on partying, junk foods, alcohol, or tobacco? It's time to make a positive change! Introducing our solution: develop a healthy habit with our fresh, nutritious vegetable juices like beetroot, carrot, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, spinach, and cucumber. These juices are renowned for their benefits, aiding in improving eye vision, promoting a healthier heart, and even catering to diabetic patients. Start your journey towards wellness with Ras Aushidhi today. Be a more confident, smart and healthier version of yourself.

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Be a more confident, smarter and healthier version of yourself.